Our Services


The Spear project aims to address these problems by creating social spaces and attracting members into a vibrant service based on pro-active community involvement and self-help initiatives.


Our service-users will be invited to become members of Spear; we are a community as well as a service. We will offer open social drop-ins with tea and coffee, a chance to chat and socialise, and be provided with basic advice and signposting to specialist services as needed. Members will be given a one to one assessment with one of our team, where we will offer a full package of support to assist with improvements in their general health and wellbeing.


This will include (as relevant):


• Opportunity to engage fully with our community


• Opportunity to join a fully independent service-user forum


• Benefits and housing advice


• Advice on healthy eating and improving diet


• Basic NHS standard health advice (5 a-day, exercise, cutting down and stopping smoking)


• Making sure that all of our members are registered with a Dr and Dentist