About Us




The Spear project aims to be a peer-led community based-service. Our vision comes from the dynamic model of the previous community treatment hub in Leicester, Quality of life.


We aim to broaden the reach of the service and not exclude the working poor, and other people suffering outside of pigeon-holed problems, by offering practical assistance to build a sense of community and belonging, mutual aid and the betterment of general health and wellbeing within isolated and fractured communities. We refer to this idea as Community Recovery, which is essentially the exporting of the most progressive aspects of the QoL model into broader communities and attempting to address the fundamental problems of loneliness, isolation and disconnection via the use of peer-mentors and trained volunteers. We aim to work from a community social space which we will use as the hub, and offices, of our operation.


While broadening the reach of the people that we can offer assistance to, we nonetheless base our foundations on the principles of peer-led Recovery communities within the sphere of substance misuse.


One of the greatest losses in the minds of many treatment service-users has been the removal of the community and social space that was a fundamental aspect of Quality of Life; we will welcome and encourage post-treatment service users to engage with Spear and work with current peer-mentors and treatment services to provide this missing link in an overall holistic Recovery plan. Spear will not be limited to substance misuse assistance however, as we also believe that community prevention, for those in danger of developing problematic issues in the future, is as important as helping those suffering from such problems at present. However, we aim to start on a foundation of the model and structures of a Recovery community and are actively seeking volunteers with lived experience of these issues, as well as passionately aiming to provide the missing community spaces to those in post treatment who very much need this essential provision.


Our key aspects and aims:


  • A shop front office and social space.


  • One-to-one action plans for people, as needed… benefit and housing advice; maping and signposting to specialist services; improved diet and health message.


  • A welcoming and engaging community space were integration will be encouraged by attraction.


  • Reaching out to broader communities to build and develop mutual aid community outreach initiatives.


  • Assisting broader communities to apply similar models, on a collaborative basis, and help to breakdown isolation, declining mental health, and harmful prejudice in the process.